Karen Jefferson

Growing up in an entrepreneurial family, Karen has firsthand experience of the difficulties business owners face when looking for commercial capital. With a passion for helping business owners, she takes pride in removing hurdles and reducing stress in critical times. Karen has worked with manufacturers, distributors, and entrepreneurs in 18 different industries and she looks forward to helping you meet your goals, too.

When away from the office Karen enjoys all things Colorado. Hiking, kayaking, mountain biking, and the occasional 14-er are always good places to be! Unless it’s lightning…then inside is always good. With a book. And maybe a glass of wine.

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Abdul-Jabbar “AJ” Shaikh
Senior Vice President /Business Development

Being in commercial lending for more than a decade, AJ knows how to improve the financing process for clients across the country. Whether entrepreneurs need to buy a competitor; purchase a building; or build a facility from the ground up, AJ provides business owners options instead of forcing them into a pre-determined solution. Working with business owners, commercial real estate agents, and business brokers, AJ sees opportunities from multiple perspectives and provides value beyond the transaction.

AJ also enjoys the great outdoors of Colorado. He’s often hiking, cycling, 4x4ing, or cooking at home for family and friends. As an active member in the community, AJ serves on three Nonprofit Boards.

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